INDULGE: 5 Faves

INDULGE: 5 Faves

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Editor-vetted ideas for your winter pleasure

Oceania’s Exotic Cruises

This high-end cruise line is now heading into unexpected cruise-ship territory, letting you sate your world wanderlust while enjoying all the amenities, conveniences and luxuries of sailing on Oceania. Think Patagonia, Antarctica, Africa and the Middle East, with awe-inspiring excursions such as camel caravans in Oman, visiting a penguin colony in Antarctica or going on a safari in South Africa. Cruise planning can be daunting, so we recommend working with Cruise Planners, Invited Clubs’ exclusive travel partner, to find and book your exotic Oceania voyage while also receiving exclusive deals and onboard credits.  EXPLORE NOW

Hiboy KS4 Pro Premium Electric Scooter

Your in-city commute is about to get a lot more fun: The Hiboy KS4 pro premium electric scooter offers a well-equipped and reliable ride, with long range (25 miles) and a fast (five-hour) charging time that makes it suitable for longer trips. The powerful motor and sturdy tires allow for a smooth and stable ride, and the scooter’s front and rear brakes, as well as two riding modes, add to its overall versatility and safety. The smart display and app integration add convenience and allow for easy monitoring of the scooter’s performance. Beyond these impressive stats, though, the Hiboy KS4 pro is just fun. $525. BUY NOW

GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid and Kit

Take your golf game up a few notches with this smart training aid. Designed for golfers of all levels, the kit includes a swing-training bar, weighted practice balls and a carry bag so you can take it on the go. It’s designed to help improve your swing plane and tempo while also improving your overall golf fitness. You’ll get personalized daily workouts, flexibility routines and recovery plans to help get you in your best golf shape. $200. BUY NOW

Family Time Together Game

Winter weather can mean more time spent — or stuck — indoors. When you’re holed up at home, why not get off the cellphones and spend some quality time getting to know the family a little better? This clever game will coax more-than-one-word answers out of even the most sullen and sentence-challenged teenager and give your family a glimpse of who you really are. The game is from Hygge Games of Sweden; the company’s name — and mission, it seems — a nod to “hygge,” the Scandinavian term for conviviality and contentment. $16. BUY NOW

Susan Shaw Necklace and Earrings

Perfect for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s or whatever you celebrate around February 14, Susan Shaw’s playful, timeless heart-detail pieces are easy to love. Both the on-trend, stackable earrings and the bold statement necklace feature triple-plated, 24K gold and freshwater pearl accents and, like all Susan Shaw pieces, are handcrafted in San Antonio. Earrings, $90, and necklace, $135. BUY NOW

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