ELEVATE: Fitness

ELEVATE: Fitness

5 Tips to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Turn your 2023 resolutions into results!

Focusing on fitness after the busy holiday season is natural, and you can’t deny that the benefits of working out are endless, from decreasing your risk of a heart attack to fighting depression and managing your weight. In fact, “living healthier” was the number one New Year’s resolution in 2022, with 23% of respondents setting that goal. “Personal improvement or happiness” and “losing weight” held the second and third spots, according to the Statista Research Department.

Whether you want to start a new exercise routine, nail a 10K, bench a higher number or learn a new sport in 2023, you’ll need one thing to make it happen: a plan to turn your resolutions into results.

“With New Year’s, we often set out on a bold path to hit the gym, lose weight or eat healthier,” Michele Meleski, senior vice president, national fitness and wellness for Invited Clubs, says. “But before you jump in headfirst, it’s important to give some thought to what you want to achieve and why.”

Meleski shared these tips for crushing your 2023 fitness goals — and you’ll want to take notes!

Be Specific

Don’t go overboard with dozens of goals this year. Meleski recommends starting with just “one or two simple goals that are specific and address your primary objectives.”

Here’s an example: “If your goal is to get stronger, set a goal of performing strength training exercises two to three days a week. If you want to shed a few pounds, commit to a combination of regular cardiovascular work and weight training in addition to making healthier food choices.”

Challenge Yourself

Get creative with the goal you want to focus on, challenging yourself in a safe way. Meleski offers suggestions for three different fitness levels:

  • Beginner: “Setting goals that tie to frequency and consistency with activities or workouts you enjoy,” she says. “Keep a log of your workouts and your results so you stay motivated.”
  • Intermediate: “Why not challenge yourself by signing up for an event like a 10k or maybe a sprint triathlon?” Meleski suggests.
  • Seasoned athlete: “Focus on implementing periodization into your training plan, with four- to eight-week blocks that have a particular focus — mobility, muscular endurance, strength or power,” she says.

Track Progress

Setting a goal and then just hoping for the best is a good way to not really achieve anything (and to get super discouraged along the way).

Instead, Meleski recommends marking your beginning point and keeping track of your progress using “a few different metrics.”

“If your goal is to lose weight and you are only tracking the scale, you can feel defeated when it doesn’t consistently move,” she explains. “Add in body composition, how you feel after workouts, how your sleep has improved or how your daily activities have gotten easier as signs of progress.”

Accountability Is Key

Having a workout buddy to hold you accountable is “key to staying on track,” according to Meleski.

You could also use an app. “Having an app that provides feedback from your workouts and rewards your efforts for completing them gives us an instant boost and feeling of accomplishment,” she says, adding, “tracking metrics like your readiness score, sleep quality, resting heart rate and heart rate variability also allows us to see results outside of inches and pounds.”

All of that adds up to keeping workouts feeling fresh and exciting so you’ll want to stay on track.

Make It Meaningful

“The most important element to achieving your goals is to select something that has intrinsic meaning to you so that when motivation ebbs (and it will), you stay committed to your journey,” Meleski says. “Involve your friends and family and trust in the process.”

And don’t forget: This is your goal for the year, so be patient. “Improving fitness can take time and is not always linear,” Meleski continues. “Understand that the sum of all of your healthy choices will keep you on track and get you to the finish line.”

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Wondering what’s to come in the fitness world this year? Michele Meleski shares her three major fitness-trend predictions for 2023:

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